Your Meds

Your Meds now that the Hydroxychloroquine hype has settled may need a bit of management.
We discuss the importance of having a backup plan and a few extra weeks of your meds on hand.

Your Meds now that the Hydroxychloroquine hype has settled may need a bit of management.

We discuss the importance of having a backup plan and a few extra weeks of your meds on hand.

Lupe & Brian: [00:00:00] Welcome to another episode of Sjogren’s Strong.

[00:00:03] Brian: [00:00:03] This is Brian.

[00:00:04] Lupe: [00:00:04] And this is Lupe.

[00:00:05] Brian: [00:00:05] And yes, this is your weekly podcast discussing how to live an active and healthy lifestyle despite your diagnosis of Sjogren’s.

[00:00:13] Lupe: [00:00:13] I was wondering if it was going to happen this week.

[00:00:16] Brian: [00:00:16] Aye, we committed to weekly.

[00:00:18] Lupe: [00:00:18] You know why? Cause I am still working from home and my days are still just, one big day.

[00:00:26] Brian: [00:00:26] Yes. It is kind of strange. I woke up, Saturday, thinking it was.

[00:00:34] Lupe: [00:00:34] Oh! He got up! He hopped the shower! And he is like, it is Tuesday. I am like what?

[00:00:39] Brian: [00:00:39] I was mistaken. Let us leave it at that.

[00:00:44]Lupe: [00:00:44] Oh! He was preparing his lunch and making it a shake. And I am like, what are you doing?

[00:00:49] Brian: [00:00:49] It is Saturday.

[00:00:51] Lupe: [00:00:51] It was funny.

[00:00:52] Brian: [00:00:52] Ugh! Today we, once again are talking about Covid19 and Hydroxychloroquine and what some of these studies are showing now that they have been treating Coronavirus patients with this.

[00:01:09]Lupe: [00:01:09] I was listening to the news, because that is what I do lately, all day, while I work, I have the news on. And I heard this lady talking, I think it was CNN. And she was talking about how Plaquenil, I do not know how to say the other word. And they were talking about how it was not working because the patients who they actually gave it to, um, more  people had passed away.

[00:01:39] Brian: [00:01:39] There were some studies that I ran, there were some studies in France. But I want to revert to some studies in South Carolina, Virginia. Mainly with the VA.

[00:01:53] Lupe: [00:01:53] You know, how they were talking about Hydroxychloroquine, was working, right, if you are on it. Because I am on Plaquenil, I just assume that I am safe, and I am not going to get the Coronavirus because I’m on Plaquenil and since it’s saving people. Then I am good. Right? So, I mean, I have not been going out, but I do not feel I am in danger, as much.

[00:02:21] Brian: [00:02:21] Which is obviously proven to become a false sense of security.

[00:02:24] Lupe: [00:02:24] That’s the word I was looking for, I had a false sense of security.

[00:02:28] Brian: [00:02:28] And yeah, so let me revert to these studies. And I am going to link these in the show notes below so you can go read them for yourselves if you would like.

[00:02:38] This first one is coming out of and it reads, meanwhile, researchers in South Carolina and Virginia examined records of 368 male patients with Covid 19 admitted to the VA on March 9th through April 11th. The retrospective study also showed no benefit to taking Hydroxychloroquine. And Hydroxychloroquine did stop the Coronavirus from infecting monkey cells in a lab.

[00:03:09] So researchers have hoped that there might be a calming effect for Covid 19. However, that was not the claim, but let us go back to the beginning. People were talking about Hydroxychloroquine, the president referenced Hydroxy chloroquine, as we said before, doctors started prescribing to themselves, family members, loved ones, Hydroxy chloroquine, which depleted the amount of Hydroxychloroquine available for those people who’ve been on it for years.

[00:03:36] Lupe: [00:03:36] I am included.

[00:03:37] Brian: [00:03:37] And drove Kaiser to stop filling prescriptions. And really caused some havoc for those of us who depend on this drug daily. And then this blurb came from, on April 24th the FDA again warned consumers against taking Hydroxychloroquine or Chloroquine unless closely supervised by a healthcare professional.

[00:04:03] And people that do not need it, that were taking it were…

[00:04:07] [00:04:07] Lupe: [00:04:07] It was contra productive.

[00:04:09] Brian: [00:04:09] Right?

[00:04:10] Lupe: [00:04:10] It was hurting them.

[00:04:12]Brian: [00:04:12] More than protecting them.

[00:04:13] Lupe: [00:04:13] But how are they going to get a prescription? They probably knew a guy.

[00:04:17]Brian: [00:04:17] I mean, you know, I am sure we have all heard the stories about the doctors who will prescribe whatever we think ails us. So, there is that. But again, these two stories will be linked in the show notes below.

[00:04:29] Lupe: [00:04:29] I have said it before, please, please, try to have, I am not going to call it a stockpile, right? Do not stockpile it like  toilet paper. But fill your prescription, even though ,if you do not need it. If you think you have plenty and your prescription is up for refill, refill it.

[00:04:49] And then, you know, use the old stuff and leave the newer stuff for later. You know what I mean? Just cycle it out, for occasions like these. Because I mean, hopefully something like this does not happen again, but it is an emergency, or something is going to happen.

[00:05:05] Brian: [00:05:05] High profile people, those with influence in today’s world, you know, the Kardashians, President Trump, they say something about bleach and now you cannot find bleach on the shelves.

[00:05:16]Lupe: [00:05:16] You know? I was going to say that. Do not you all go drinking Lysol and bleach and  injecting yourself with it. I have seen the funniest names.

[00:05:27] Brian: [00:05:27] You know what? I do not think anyone listening to this show is silly enough to even think that that would be viable,

[00:05:32] Lupe: [00:05:32] You know what? I actually hadn’t heard the president. Cause I mean, I just tune him out, right. When he comes on, I changed the TV. But I started seeing all these memes and I am like, what is going on with all these memes? So, what did I do? I mean, I am like, I know he said something.

[00:05:49] Brian: [00:05:49] I actually heard it and I was like, what? But anyway, we are not trying to turn this into a political show, either side of the aisle, however.

[00:05:58] Lupe: [00:05:58] Oh, you know what is funny? Actually, like, whoever makes Lysol, they’re like, they had done a public announcement. They are like, do not start ingesting it. It was funny.

[00:06:09] Brian: [00:06:09] But you know, I am sure there was a run on Lysol and Clorox and everything else.

[00:06:17] Lupe: [00:06:17] It’s  funny stuff.

[00:06:18] Brian: [00:06:18] It is funny stuff. We really wanted to drive home the fact that having a little extra med on hand is  optimal. And it is first in, first out. So, the oldest stuff you have is what you take, and you slowly bring it up.

[00:06:32] Most of these drugs have a couple of years of shelf life on them., When you fill them. And you can have a little bit on hand. You can ask your doc for a prescription, Hey, I am going on a trip. Can I get a little extra? Hey, I accidentally dumped him down the sink. Can I get another prescription?

[00:06:52] Lupe: [00:06:52] Oops.

[00:06:54] Brian: [00:06:54] But have a little extra on hand. I know at first the doc was cool with you halving. And you would half and not take the other half. So, you were saving some up to get the stockpile you had. I know you have a lot of the extra eyedrops.

[00:07:10]Lupe: [00:07:10] Well, I am not filling that anymore right now. But I do have a lot of the Restasis. The ophthalmologist told me, once upon a time, to keep them in the fridge and even though they expired, as long as the color is the same, keep using them.

[00:07:25] But, and so I do-do that. And I have said it before on an eye episode, but, uh, first thing in the morning, I put a couple of drops in my eye and it is like heaven. It feels so good. Cause my eyes are so dry. Not to make it about the eyes. But, um, even though sometimes, the Restasis have not expired, sometimes they do irritate my eyes. And it is time to throw them away.

[00:07:47] Brian: [00:07:47] So, she is, she is super careful. But we have not had any discolor on us.

[00:07:52] Lupe: [00:07:52] Never.

[00:07:53] Brian: [00:07:53] It is always been that milky-ish.

[00:07:55] Lupe: [00:07:55] Yeah, it is always that color. But like I said, um, maybe my eyes are just sensitive cause sometimes they really irritate them. And like I said, I know it is time to throw that batch away.

[00:08:05] Brian: [00:08:05] Yeah. And most drugs, and obviously again, we are not docs, but most drugs, even once they expire, they do not like turn into poison. They start reducing their potency. But talk to your doctor about each and every drug you have on hand and find out what does happen as the drug ages. And what can I save? What can’t I save? What should I have a little extra of? What shouldn’t I have a little extra of? Put a plan together.

[00:08:32] Lupe: [00:08:32] I keep my meds after they expire, a couple of months and I tried to use them, and they worked for me.

[00:08:39] Brian: [00:08:39] Yeah. Yeah.

[00:08:39] Lupe: [00:08:39] I do not throw them away.

[00:08:41]Brian: [00:08:41] I do not think you have a drug that you are currently prescribed that we, A, don’t have a little surplus of, and B, that you haven’t taken expired before. And there have been any adverse effects. And I remember we have had that conversation with Ryba.

[00:08:55] Yeah. But again, check with your doctor, your pharmacist, your medical provider. Come up with a plan. Have a plan because things seem to be getting better with Covid. I do not think we are on a downhill slide yet. I think there is going to be more cases popping up as things relax and ease.

[00:09:19] I mean, they opened up the beaches here in Southern California and it was like nothing was going on. And I kind of expect to see that in two to three weeks, we are going to start to see an increase in cases because of this behavior.

[00:09:34] Lupe: [00:09:34] Yeah. They were talking about closing the beaches. When I saw photos of the beaches, I was like, oh my God, we are in trouble.

[00:09:40] Brian: [00:09:40] Yeah. ,

[00:09:41] Lupe: [00:09:41] Because I think they are not, they are still talking about it on the news, but not as much as before. So, people kind of get relaxed, you know.

[00:09:49] Brian: [00:09:49] And Georgia opened up, as of the time we’re recording this today, quite a few services. Ventura County, which is a County North of us, they are opening up restaurants and gyms and, salons and barber shops today.

[00:10:06] It is still, you know, limited occupancy. You have got to wear a mask. Costco and Walmart, now, if you do not have a mask on, they will not let you in.

[00:10:16] Lupe: [00:10:16] I think Trader Joe’s also.

[00:10:17] Brian: [00:10:17] Yeah, Trader Joe’s is that way. Micro center,  I don’t know if I told that story here, but a computer supply store I go to that’s around the corner from the office, they limit the amount of people in, you have to have a mask. They spray sanitizer in your hands and watch you massage it in before they let you in this store. They are pretty hardcore, and I respect that.

[00:10:38] Lupe: [00:10:38] Hey, speaking of barber shops. I gave him my haircut.

[00:10:44] Brian: [00:10:44] I have got a Covid cut it and its fly.

[00:10:47] Lupe: [00:10:47] Whoop! Whoop! It is better than what it was. I gave you a better haircut that sometimes you go pay $25. So hey, there is that!

[00:10:55] Brian: [00:10:55] But, you know, we are doing, we are doing okay. We broke out board games. We have been playing board games on the weekends and chores and kind of deep cleaning, certain areas of the house, we normally do not get to. And working out a little bit. And how is the New Enamel working out for you?

[00:11:13] Lupe: [00:11:13] New Enamel’s working well, I like it. I mean, my teeth were never really sensitive, like too cold and stuff. Actually, I take that back. They were a little bit sensitive sometimes to cold. And I think, uh, it is been working well. I like it.

[00:11:29] Brian: [00:11:29] And leaving your mouth, feeling mint, fresh.

[00:11:32] Lupe: [00:11:32] Very minty all day long.

[00:11:34] Brian: [00:11:34] That’s cool. If you guys do not know what New Enamel is, last week’s episode, we had the doctor on from New Enamel and they talked about their product and service. And it is something you can do from home if you are in Cali. If you are not in California, call them and they may be able to do something with your dentist and get you their products.

[00:11:54] But, uh, they mail everything to you. It is pretty cool. It is, you know, it is not just toothpaste. It is toothpaste and varnish and all kinds of good stuff.

[00:12:04] Lupe: [00:12:04] And if you live in the Bay area. You should call him and go check him out. He was very knowledgeable of Sjogren’s.

[00:12:09]Brian: [00:12:09] Yeah. They are located in Santa Rosa. He was extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. I think it was a good episode.

[00:12:16] Lupe: [00:12:16] Yep. Definitely.

[00:12:17] Brian: [00:12:17] Well, awesome. We appreciate you, listening to Sjogren’s Strong and we think those of you who are following us on social media, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and I am trying to do a better job on Twitter. I think I am picking up; we are getting some followers there.

[00:12:31] Lupe: [00:12:31] I should do a better job also. Because I have been a little bit, I have relaxed a little bit on social media. Because there is nothing going on. I do not go out. I got nothing to say.

[00:12:40] Brian: [00:12:40] Here’s a picture of me in my backyard.

[00:12:45] Lupe: [00:12:45] On the couch eating an Otter Pop! But you know what,  speaking of staying at home, I got to tell you guys, I feel really good. I have not really been fatigued lately. And maybe that is because I do not have to get up and rush and get ready for work.

[00:13:07]Brian: [00:13:07] Or shower.

[00:13:08] Lupe: [00:13:08] I mean, I shower like twice a week.

[00:13:12] Brian: [00:13:12] She’s like, I have a Skype meeting today. I need to change my shirt.

[00:13:17] Lupe: [00:13:17] I am still wearing my plan on pajamas, but anyways.

[00:13:22]Brian: [00:13:22] Too funny but thank you everybody listening. Thank you for interacting with us on social media.

[00:13:27] Lupe: [00:13:27] Until next time, sip constantly and stay hydrated.

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