Tips and Tricks for a Good Nights Sleep

Lupe & Brian talk about tips and tricks they use for a good nights sleep on this episode of Sjogren’s Strong

Lupe & Brian:     Welcome to another episode of Sjogren’s Strong.

Brian:    This is Brian.

Lupe:     And this is Lupe.

Brian:    And this is your weekly podcast discussing how to live an active and healthy lifestyle despite a diagnosis of Sjogren’s Syndrome.

Lupe:     We want to start off by thanking Steve Taylor for being on the show last week. And we also want to take this opportunity to thank all the new listeners.

Brian:    There’s a few of you.


Lupe:     Listeners and followers.

Brian:    Yeah, we’ve had a big week of growth as we expected with the Steve Taylor episode. And the foundation being awesome enough to share it across their network. So, we really appreciate that.

Brian:    And we want to welcome all of you new listeners. If you are new to Sjogren Strong, you can find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Search Sjogren’s Strong or #Sjogrensstrong and you’ll find us for sure. The logo is that hummingbird and why the hummingbird?

Lupe:     The hummingbird; a lot of people have asked why the hummingbird? The Hummingbird, because it’s a little delicate bird. You could always see it in the wild, fluttery from flower to flower in search of moisture, which is what we Sjogi’s are in constant search up. So, that’s why the hummingbird.

Brian:    Looking for that moisture.

Lupe:     That’s right. And also, we also have a private group on Facebook called, Living Sjogren’s Strong. So, if you go to the page, Sjogren’s Strong, you go to groups, type in Living Sjogren’s Strong, boop, we pop up, the hummingbird.

Brian:    And you can find this on the Internet at

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Brian:    Feel free to use that contact form on the website and or DM, PM, IM, Tweet us, we’ll get it.

Lupe:     That was funny,

Brian:    They’re all called different things on different platforms.

Lupe:     DM, PM, Twitter, I know that’s why I thought that was funny.

Brian:    DM’s Instagram.

Lupe:     Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Brian:    Okay, so before we get to today’s topics of discussion, how you feeling?

Lupe:     Like a million bucks.

Brian:    Even though it’s been hot?

Lupe:     Well, you know, besides that.

Brian:    It’s been ridiculously hot, to the point, I’m hanging out in the backyard at 10:00 PM, because it’s five degrees cooler than it is inside. We don’t have AC, but we run fans. Windows are open, doors are open and it’s just stupid hot.

Lupe:     Is that miserable. I get up at 5 o’clock, in the morning, to get ready for work, it’s already 70 degrees. It’s so ridiculous.

Brian:    It’s been unbearably warm. And you know, the weird thing is I’ve got a buddy who lives in the high desert, 20 degrees cooler.

Lupe:     How’s ridiculous? How did that even happen?

Brian:    Down here, closer to the ocean, it’s hot. Anyway, how you feel despite the heat?

Lupe:     As most of you know, I’ve been dealing with a tooth infection, and the dentist prescribed Amoxicillin, to help combat the infection, which helped reduce whole body inflammation,

Brian:    Which was kind of cool. You know, your immune system is fighting that infection so much, inflammation kind of got out of control. The Amoxicillin crushes the infection. The body starts getting back to normal and you’ve lost.

Lupe:     15 pounds.

Brian:    15 pounds of weight. I mean, sausage fingers are gone. More definition in the face. She’s looking like 1 million bucks.

Lupe:     I’m less tired. I go up the stair, quicker. It’s amazing what inflammation does to your body.

Brian:    And your body not fighting that infection so much, you’ve had more?

Lupe:     More energy.

Brian:    Which is awesome to see. She’s getting back to normal.

Lupe:     That is definitely really exciting. And also, fun fact about Amoxicillin.

Brian:    What?

Lupe:     It’s a stool softener.

Brian:    And that was confirmed because we ran into,?

Lupe:     We went to the Farmer’s Market and we ran into Dr. Wong.

Brian:    And Dr. Wong confirmed that, yes. Amoxicillin is this stool softener.

Lupe:     Well, it’s funny because I had mentioned to Brian, oh my God, since I’ve been on these pills, I’ve been pooping more, and he’s like, oh, it’s all in your head, stop reading the side effects of the medicine. And I’m like, I haven’t even read the side effects. But when that started happening, I did read them and that’s what it said.

Brian:    And it was good to see Dr. Wong. She had a new flavor, the MOCHA.

Lupe:     Yeah, it’s all good.

Brian:    Mocha was yummy. And they are My Guiltless Treat. And she’s picking up more and more stores. Unfortunately for the majority of our listeners, they’re not going to be near you. She’s pretty local to southern California, I would even say regional yet, but she’s working hard on that.

Lupe:     She’s going to make it, big.

Brian:    As she expands her distribution, we’ll be sure to let you know because they’re yummy.

Brian:    Absolutely, sugar-free, and uh.

Brian:    Some of them are gluten-free.

Lupe:     That’s the word I was looking for, gluten-free, yeah. But anyway, let’s get back on topic. Today we want to talk about tips and tricks for a good night’s sleep.

Brian:    So, in addition to just our personal experimentation, we actually found a periodical at the bookstore, a few days back and it is called the Happy Healthy Handbook For More Energy.

Lupe:     And I actually really like it and I think I’m going to subscribe. Brian, we’re going to subscribe.

Brian:    Yeah, there’s a lot of cool information in there, some stuff we’ve never even thought of before. So, we’re going to be sharing some of that with you here, today and in future episodes. So, on to getting a good night’s sleep.

Lupe:     So, about an hour before bedtime, I think we’re all guilty of this, but we need to reduce.

Brian:    Remove.

Lupe:     Screen time,

Brian:    Turn that TV off, put your cell phone away, turn that tablet off, shut the lid to your laptop and no screen time.

Lupe:     It’s hard to get disconnected, we know it. I mean, like if I’m watching TV, I’m on my phone, also. So, Brian’s like, aren’t you paying attention? I am paying attention. I can do both.

Brian:    And the weird thing is, if Lupe ever shut her phone off, an hour before bedtime, I would be amazed.

Lupe:     Cause I’m always on it? Is that what you’re saying?

Brian:    Always on it? But you are really good about using the dimmer or the night mode. What do they call it?

Lupe:     So, every phone, I shouldn’t say every phone, I have an iPhone. iPhones come with ah, you could change the brightness on your phone. And I think it’s called, the night shift. And you could make it more warm, less warm. So the screen won’t be as bright. It kind of turns blue a little bit

Brian:    And warm light is more reds and oranges, than the blue. And the blue light or daytime, tells the body it’s daytime, you should be awake. And the body will stop producing Melatonin.

Brian:    As the sun sets and we get into that golden hour or orange and reds in the sunset and then to night time, the body says, hey, we should be sleeping, let’s start producing Melatonin. And that Melatonin will help you sleep. And you can buy in the vitamin section, an herbal supplement of Melatonin, if you would like to try adding some.

Lupe:     For me with my dry eyes, if I stare at the screen for too long, my eyes get really, really, really fatigued. To the point where I have like a little nightlight next to me and I have to have it on at all times if I want to be on the phone. That way the screen on the phone is not too bright. Brian’s like, turn the light off. I can’t do it. It have to be on to help.

Brian:    Yeah, it adds, adds more light to the room.

Lupe:     Because I have a light behind me and the light in front of me and it just doesn’t hurt my eyes. But on the flip side, also, when I’m on the phone for too long, especially in the dark, my eyes started hurting and I know that it’s time to pull my phone down because I can’t even focus it. It’s blurry, to be honest. So, that means I’ve had enough and I tried to put my phone down, but then I’ll set it down for about 5-10 minutes and then I’ll grab it. It’s ridiculous. I can’t believe it.

Brian:    She falls asleep with it in her hand. I’ll take it out of her hand and put it on the charger when I go to bed.

Lupe:     Appreciate that, if not, my phone would be dead.

Lupe:     Okay, so after you put your phone down, you want to go to the kitchen, turn on the kettle, so you can make yourself a warm cup of tea

Brian:    And we want some sort of Sleepy Time or Chamomile tea. Chamomile will actually help your body relax. The properties in it are soothing and it’s going to help your eyes get tired. And calm the body, so you can get a good night’s sleep

Lupe:     And very important, make sure that the tea that you’re drinking, does not have caffeine.

Brian:    Definitely. We definitely want herbal tea.

Lupe:     It’ll get you wired, yeah. You know why I say that? Because I used to buy tea, this was way before your time, Brian. And it had caffeine in it. And then I kind of wanted to ween myself off of teas, for whatever reason, I don’t remember. And then I started getting headaches and I realized, it was caffeine that I was missing. So make sure it doesn’t have caffeine. And while you’re sipping on your tea, you could either grab a book, that you’re reading, a new book that you want to read, or if you just bought a magazine, start reading.

Brian:    And I know for me, if I’m going to have a hard time going to sleep, I pick up a book and within a couple of pages I’m usually out.

Lupe:     Well, that depends on the book. What if you get really into it?

Brian:    Yeah, for me it doesn’t work that way. Evening book, equals sleep.

Lupe:     Uh, for me, I think when I start reading, I used to read more than I do now because my eyes recently, they just get really fatigued because they’re so dry. And again, even if I’m reading, they can’t focus. About a year ago, I bought a kindle, so I could read my books in my Kindle and that way I could have a hundred books with me, but then I realized it screen time. I want to get away from that.

Brian:    It is, but the one cool thing the Kindle has, you can really dim it and there’s no blue light. It’s a white light and you can dim way down.

Lupe:     Yeah, I think it was called like a paper. This Kindle, I don’t know what it’s called, but when you’re staring at it, it looks like you’re staring at into a book. Then light is not bright, so you’re right about that. I think my, my eyes would just getting fatigued. But I love it.

Brian:    The screens are off, we’re sipping tea, sitting comfortably in our favorite chair, reading a book.

Lupe:     So, be sure that you don’t have sugar alcohol or caffeine before bedtime. Not a good idea.

Brian:    Sugar obviously gives us that sugar rush. Caffeine is a stimulant, it’s going to keep us awake. Alcohol dehydrates and you know, Lupe and I haven’t been drinking at all. The research we did do for this episode, if you’re going to have alcohol, have a wine, um, the tannins in it are supposed to be a little calming and soothing. You’re still getting sugars, you’re still getting alcohol. We recommend no alcohol, but again, if you’re going to, the literature we read suggested wine.

Lupe:     A lot of people say that they have wine before bedtime. Honestly, I’m really scared because the last time that I had alcohol, I feel like I had a hangover for like three weeks, which what it really was, he put me into flare. So, I never want to feel that way again. So I haven’t had alcohol in almost a year. But, uh, if you must, they recommend wine.

Brian:    Which is strange because wines are acidic and the acids can upset your stomach and cause some acid reflux. And I mean, I haven’t been drinking. I haven’t drank wine in years because of all the acids in them. Um, they just don’t agree with me any longer. But again, the literature suggests, if so, drink wine.

Lupe:     And while you’re sipping on your tea or your wine, why don’t you draw yourself a warm bath?

Brian:    Light a candle, put on some soft or grab that book.

Lupe:     Not your phone. I know you’re going to be, you’re going to be tempted… oh well, I’m in the bath, you know, I don’t have anything else to do. I’m going to start scrolling through my phone. No, leave your phone in the other room. Grab a book with your tea and, or your wine and just try to calm the mind.

Brian:    So, that warming, soothing bath is going to help relax you and calm the body, calm the mind.

Lupe:     Use the time to reflect on everything that’s happening, that happened throughout the day. Maybe think about positive thoughts.

Brian:    Definitely PMA, Positive Mental Attitude.

Lupe:     Yes. That’s very helpful. I know sometimes it’s hard, but you know, do the best you can.

Brian:    So, we’re out of the bath, we’re drying off. We’re going to go crawl into

Lupe:     Now you out of the bath and you’re ready for bed. If you feel that you haven’t quieted the mind enough, listen to calming music.

Brian:    Or try a white noise machine, you can get them for under $40 on Amazon. Multiple sounds, nature, rain waves, soothing music, pure white noise. And you can play them in the background just to add some ambient noise to the room. That’s designed to be calming.

Lupe:     But if you don’t want to spend money on buying that white noise machine, there’s an app that my friend Kristi recommended, hi Kristi. It’s called Relax Melodies Sleep Sounds. And again it’s the same thing, it has different sounds, it has nature, waterfalls. I’ve tied it does calm the mind.

Brian:    So, if you have a phone and you want to try one of these apps, make sure your phones way on night mode, turn that blue light down before you fire this thing up to turn it on.

Brian:    And this white machine that you’re talking about, it’s on a timer, so you could fall asleep to it and you don’t have to worry about it, cause it’s going to turn off on its own.

Brian:    Shuts off and you’ll be hopefully in blissful sleep. So these are things that we deploy to help us get a good night’s sleep.

Lupe:     Lastly, humidifiers, they make all the difference in the world when you’re trying to sleep. And I’ve talked about humidifiers before and for the new listeners, especially those newly diagnosed, humidifiers really help with sleep because it puts moisture in the air.

Brian:    So, your eyes don’t get as dry. Your lungs don’t get as dry; you’re not going to wake up with as bad of a dry cough because the air that you’re breathing in and out is moist.

Lupe:     I remember a few years back, I mentioned to my doctor that I was having trouble sleeping. He told me to go buy a humidifier and I have one in the bedroom, in the living room and I even bought a little tiny one for the office. S, they are totally awesome.

Brian:    And she actually has one for her car.

Lupe:     Oh yeah, thanks for reminding. I have to pull that out of the box and uh, post a picture about that. It’s really cool.

Brian:    Yeah. She, she hasn’t used it yet, but uh, it’s kind of cute. It’s some little pink thing.

Lupe:     If it’s as good as the one I have in my office, I’m going to be in heaven.

Brian:    With all of that having been said, if there are tips and tricks that you use that we did not mention, please let us know. You can go to, hit this episode up and comment below or find us on social and let us know some things that you use to help you get a good night’s sleep, so you’re not as fatigued the next day.

Lupe:     And if you’re going to try some of these things for the first time, please let us know how they work. Um, they worked for me and I’m curious to know if they work for you.

Brian:    So, a few weeks back Lupe posted about Jezebels Apothecary.

Lupe:     And she was kind enough to offer a coupon for all of our listeners. Um, and the code is, TRYME. So, it’s T R Y M E, all in caps. And it’s good for $10 off of any pain remedy that’s $20 or more.

Brian:    And we posted about it because Lupe’s legs started aching and I have an impinged shoulder that I use this balm on. So it’s a topical sav that we rub in and it helps us tremendously.

Brian:    We posted about it, she reached out and wanted to extend this to all of you. So, if you use CBD’s, take advantage of this. If you’re thinking about using CBD’s or doing a little research on using CBD’s, she has some great product. We met her personally at the same Farmers Market, that we talked about earlier, and we tried it before we bought it and it works for us.

Lupe:     She also has an online presence, so getting product, no problem.

Brian:    Yep. So hit up that website, Jezzabell’, the coupon code again is TRYME, T R Y M E. There will be a link and a reminder of that coupon code in the show notes below and give it a try.

Lupe:     Until next time, sip constantly and stay hydrated.

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