Sjogren’s Survival Kit

I always have a Chapstick because I need to apply Chapstick constantly. I have a travel size, bottle of Moisten, oral spray. I have nasal gel, always water. Always, always, always water. And um, I have snacks, nuts and protein bars. Uh, I also have gums and sugarless mints.
Sjogren's Strong episode 21, Sjogren's Survival Kit

Lupe & Brian:     Welcome to another episode of Sjogren’s Strong.

Lupe:     This is Lupe.

Brian:    And this is Brian.

Lupe:     And today we are going to discuss what I bring with me when I leave the house.

Brian:    Before we get into that, Lupe, you doubled down on your exercise this weekend. How you feeling?

Lupe:     I am totally ready for a nap.


Brian:    So what did you do yesterday?

Lupe:     Yesterday, we went on a, like 5-6 mile hike. We hiked the Santa Rosa Plateau in Murrieta. And I was dragging a little bit because I didn’t sleep well the night before. So, I thought I was going to rock it because, you, know, it’s mostly flat. But, um, I was dragging my feet. But on the way back we stumbled upon a poppy field that made it all better.

Brian:    And you’ve probably seen the pics on Facebook and hopefully you caught them on the Instagram story, but it was gorgeous.

Lupe:     I’ll post them on our feed, so everybody could see it. It was lovely.

Brian:    Very cool. So that was yesterday. You played in the poppy fields, you went for a hike. What’d you do today?

Lupe:     With no sleep, I might add, today my friend had said… It was already planned for a couple of weeks and she’s like, hey, let’s go cycling Sunday. So, you know, I committed, so I always follow through and we went on a 25 mile bike ride.

Brian:    And you weren’t on your road bike, you were on your mountain bike.

Lupe:     I was on a mountain bike, which is a good, I don’t know, eight pounds heavier, maybe ?

Brian:    With bigger tires, harder to ride than a road bike. But you banged it out.

Lupe:     I banged it out. Towards the end, I was struggling a little bit because my legs were spent, from yesterday and today. But uh, I finished strong and um, I came home and Brian was nice enough, that he already had food ready for me. And I devoured it.

Lupe:     And so here we are, two days out in a row prompted me to do this episode.

Brian:    One of the things when we’re getting ready to leave the house, Lupe has this little zippered pouch that I call her Sjogren’s Survival Kit. So, we talked about that we should squeeze this one in and push the other episodes back a little bit. But talk about this “Survival Kit” because not only does she carry it with her, but she is in it every time we go outside of the house. So, Lupe, what’s in your Sjogren’s Survival Kit?

Lupe:     I have several things in my survival kit. I have my sunglasses, although the glasses that I wear every day, they transition. But I always carry my, hey, look at me, I’m a movie star sunglasses for being out in the sun.

Lupe:     I carry lotion, whatever your favorite lotion is, you could carry that with you. Um, but if you go to Target or Walmart, they have in the travel section, the little small bottles. So that’s what I carry with me.

Lupe:     And I always have a Chapstick because I need to apply Chapstick constantly. I have a travel size, bottle of Moisten, oral spray. I have nasal gel, always water. Always, always, always water. And um, I have snacks, nuts and protein bars. Uh, I also have gums and sugarless mints.

Lupe:     And of course, I always have my meds with me, everywhere I go, whether I think I’m going to need them or not, I always have him on me. Because sometimes we go out, on what we think is going to be an hour adventure and it turns out to be a 12 hour adventure, because we’re having so much fun. So, that’s why I carry my Sjogren’s Survival Kit.

Brian:    One time we went to a local, well it’s not a local store, the closest store of this type to us is an hour drive. And it happens to be at the foothills of Big Bear. And there’s a pass that gets you up into the high desert. So we went out to shop at this store and next thing we know we’re driving out another hour and a half to Calico Ghost Town, which is in the middle of the desert. So it’s things like that that’s taught us that she needs to have these things with her at all times.

Lupe:     We always carry water bottles, a case of water bottles, in my car and in his car. And usually we’re in his. So, um, but we always carry water and wherever I go, wherever, even if I feel it’s only going to be a five minute walk, I always carry my small water bottle. Because you never know when you’re going to need it. Are you going to get a cough attack, you know, is the walk going to turn into an hour walk? So I always like being prepared.

Brian:    These are things that we’ve done. And again, she dips into her Sjogren’s Survival Kit every time we go out. Sometimes even if we’re just running errands, grocery store Trader Joe’s or whatnot, you know, she’s pulling something out of it to utilize something from it. We wanted to share this episode with you, um, because it was 100% applicable to our activities this weekend.

Lupe:     Sometimes, like for example, you mentioned about when we went to the desert to Calico, it was really dry and hot and I get thirsty. My mouth is like really dry, but my nose, I feel like it kind of starts bleeding inside. And that’s when I know my nostrils are dry and I need to either use that saline spray or use the gel. My survival kit has been a lifesaver for me on more than several occasions.

Lupe:     Oh, oh, oh! I almost forgot to mention that I also carry with me, everywhere, everywhere, everywhere, even though I think I’m not going to need it… um, either a baseball cap, they have really cute ones for the ladies. We don’t have to wear guy ones. And um, I also have several sunhats, uh, some with the short brims. Some with the large brim, they have really cute ones too for ladies.

Brian:    Everything from straw to a wicking style ranger hat. But we always keep extra hats in the vehicles as well.

Lupe:     Yeah. You know, sometimes it kind of clashes with your outfit, but what are you going to do, you know.

Brian:    Better to protect yourself from the sun.

Lupe:     That’s right. People look at you funny like, that doesn’t go, but hey, who cares? I don’t judge them.

Brian:    When we hiked Amboy Crater, we wore these big old straw and people were looking at us like, what? But there was a breeze and that breeze gets through the woven material and keeps you really cool. So, it’s a good hat to have.

Lupe:     And listen, you don’t have to spend $40. If you go on Amazon, they’re like $40, $30. But if you guys go to the swap meet, they have him for $3.

Brian:    Hopefully your local swap meet has them for $3.

Lupe:     I mean, yeah, you’re right.

Brian:    Ours does. t’s like a disposable item for us because they do get smashed up in the back of the jeep.

Lupe:     Here we have several, you know, there’s one swap meet at Orange Coast, that you have to pay, but even there, they’re pretty inexpensive. Because I’ve seen them at sporting goods stores like REI and wowzers, they’re pretty expensive. So, you don’t need anything fancy. It’s going to clash with your outfit, regardless.

Brian:    Most important thing is that you’re protecting your skin and yourself and staying as cool and as hydrated as possible.

Lupe:     I’m so sorry I’m a little discombobulated today because I’m ready for a nap. But, um, I also carry sunscreen in my survival kit. But sometimes you could find out like a stick style sunscreen and usually they’re like for babies, it’s like 50 SPF and that works well because you could just kind of like…

Brian:    As she’s taking her hand across her face as you can see her applying sunscreen.

Lupe:     Well because you don’t have to get your fingers all dirty, with like with the lotion style one. You use a stick and it’s just there. It’s really easy. Uh, you know, that’s an option. Or you could use the little tubes of sunscreen, those work well too. But you know, the smaller the better for me. So, it fits in my purse or in my backpack, because I not only take my survival kit on our adventures that we have, I also always carry it with me to work, if I’m going to my mom’s house, anywhere I go, I carry it with me, cause it’s better to have it and not need it, in the wise words of Mr. Brian Colburn.

Brian:    Better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it.

Lupe:     Absolutely. I’ve learned that the hard way. So, I always carry it with me. Sometimes we’re on our way out the door and he’s like, do you have this? Do you have that? Dadadada…. And I just give him a look like ugh. But on more than one occasion, I didn’t have it on me and I wished that he would have, you know, gone through the checklist with me. So it’s saved me so times.

Brian:    You know, it’s buddy system. We’re here to take care of each other and I want to make sure she has the stuff she might need and vice versa.

Lupe:     So, today as I’m leaving the house, he says to me, are you sure it’s a good idea for you to go on a bike ride, you know, since you didn’t sleep well the night before the hike. And I’m like, I got this. And uh, I was struggling a little bit.

Brian:    So, the bonus for me, is we’re going to end this recording in about five minutes, I’m going to edit this recording by the time I’m done editing, she’ll be done for the day. And I get to watch whatever I want to watch on TV.

Lupe:     But I have to stay up for the Oscars.

Brian:    Yeah, that ain’t going to happen. Everybody, I will post a picture of her knocked out before the Oscars.

Lupe:     It’s a good thing we have Tivo.

Lupe:     Anyways, I hope that you guys found value in this little episode. Sjogren’s Survival Kit has saved my life many times, so I truly recommend it. Maybe make a couple of, um, little kits and you know, keep one in your car, keep in your purse, so yeah.

Lupe:     If you follow us on Instagram, please find this episode’s post a comment. Same for those that follow us on Facebook, please find this post dated February 27th, 2019 and let us know what you carry with you when you leave the house, in the comments. We’d really like to know.

Lupe:     It’s these little preparations that can keep you comfortable and enjoying being away from the house.

Lupe:     Until next time, SIP CONSTANTLY AND STAY HYDRATED.


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