Active with Sjogren’s, Lupe

With the tooth behind us for now and the diet back on point, The energy levels are up and Lupe is on the treadmill, walking at lunch and we even road 11 miles on the bikes.

With the tooth behind us for now and the diet back on point, The energy levels are up and Lupe is on the treadmill, walking at lunch and we even road 11 miles on the bikes.

Lupe & Brian:     Welcome to another episode of Sjogren’s Strong.

Brian:    This is Brian.

Lupe:     And this is Lupe.

Brian:    And this is your weekly podcast discussing how to live an active and healthy lifestyle despite a diagnosis of Sjogren’s.

Lupe:     Before we get started, I want to say something.


Brian:    Speak your mind.

New Speaker:    We are officially a year old.

Brian:    And the crowd goes wild.

Lupe & Brian:     Woo. Woo. Woo.

Lupe:     Actually, um, this is our 53rd episode. Last week we were officially official I guess, but uh, I don’t know. I just wanted to say something cause I’m proud of us.

Brian:    You know, that’s 52 weeks, one year without missing or being late.

Lupe:     Not one episode. So that’s good.

Brian:    And this is truly a labor of love. We put time and consideration into the shows and time recording and time editing, building the website out, interacting with social.

Lupe:     So, please let us know how you think we’re doing.

Brian:    And you can do that on iTunes or Google play. Smash that five star review and leave a written review.

Lupe:     And we have you to thank, the listener.

Brian:    Without you, we wouldn’t still be doing this. We set a goal, that if we could get X amount of downloads, per episode by month three, we would go to 6, 6 to 12. And we’re at 12 and we’re going strong.

Lupe:     And we appreciate the interaction, the comments, the text messages, the videos. Yes, guys, we get videos. It’s really exciting. We’re so happy for this community and so we’re just going to keep going strong.

Brian:    Definitely. We appreciate each and every one of you, following us and interacting with us on Facebook, in the Living Sjogren’s Strong Facebook group, Instagram, Twitter. You guys are forcing me to learn Twitter a little better.

Lupe:     Me too. Cause I’m not really a Twitter fan, but I’m learning too.

Brian:    We’ve been Tweetless.

Lupe:     So a little update on me. My tooth, you guys know is gone. I have a big old hole where my nice molar used to be. But the infection is gone. It’s almost healed. I still have the stitches, but it doesn’t bother me so much when I eat now.

Lupe:     So I’m eating a little bit better and obviously feeling better because the infection is gone and I’m feeding my body nutrients, which has allowed me to start exercising again.

Lupe:     And you know, cause I was in a real funk with that really bad infection going on. But now that it’s gone, I keep losing weight and I feel like a million bucks and I’m just really excited that I’m able to go do what I love, which is being in the great outdoors, exercising, walking, riding my bike.

Brian:    And this has confirmed what we already know. If you’re fueling your body, if your diet is in check, you’re going to have the energy to do things we normally don’t think we can do. She’s back on the treadmill, she’s back on the exercise bike. She’s walking more at lunch, again. Tooth deal over with ,eating good now has the extra energy to get up worker eight hour a day and exercise, which is awesome.

Brian:    So for those of you who don’t have the energy, we kind of points you to eat clean. Let’s get that diet in check and let’s see if that’s going to give us that extra energy. And maybe you don’t use that energy to exercise. Maybe you can use that extra energy to do a little more around the house or to go out and spend time with loved ones.

Lupe:     Okay. So for me, I was eating better or I thought I was eating better, but I wasn’t feeling better because I still had that infection. So, I don’t know, I guess you get a little bit depressed and you think to yourself, well, why should I eat better, if I don’t feel better, right? But all this time I was doing the right thing. There was just something going on in my body that I didn’t know about.

Lupe:     You know, we’ve talked about our Sjogren’s norm before, and just because you’re feeling that whatever state you’re in is your norm, that doesn’t mean it can’t get better. And you know, I don’t want to sound like I’m harping on it, but diet and feeding your body, the nutrients it needs to do more is the foundation, in this case. And you know, Lupe is living proof of that right now.

Brian:    Because I’ve had Sjogren’s for over 10 years, right? And so I know what my norm is and sometimes I feel normal and then other times my Sjogren’s really gets the best of me. But right now I’m getting the best of it. I’m getting back to my old self, my old, you know, Sjogren’s self and I’m saying it with quotes.

Brian:    And yeah, over the years I’ve seen her norm change and shift. And if we have an off weekend, where we’re not on our diet, just two or three days straight, Monday’s hard. I mean I can feel the effects of not fueling my body. And Monday morning it’s a little harder to get up. I’m a little more sluggish. I’m not feeling 100%, like I should be on a Monday morning. And it’s the same with Lupe. And you know, there were weekends where we said, hey, let’s go climb a mountain. And we did. And we haven’t been anywhere near that lately. But I can see her coming back to what the norm used to be because of diet.

Lupe:     And look in the morning when I wake up, when I opened my eyes, I don’t have energy like most of us with Sjogren’s, I don’t feel rested. But as the morning progresses and I finally make myself get out of bed, I hop a shower and I start getting ready. The fatigue, it’s kind of goes away. So again, my point is I don’t feel 100% in the morning, but it’s slowly getting there.

Brian:    So with Lupe feeling better and better. Last weekend we went out and rode CicLAvia, The Heart of LA.

Lupe:     It was awesome. Well, for those of you that follow on social, uh, we rode 11 miles. It started at 9am and it’s not a race. Your kind of just go at your own pace. It’s a lot of writing and a lot of vendors, we even got to listen to a live mariachi band. It’s just a good time, at your own pace.

Brian:    Yeah. We’ve talked about CicLAvia before. It’s something Los Angeles, the city does. And it’s to promote, you know, riding your bikes for transportation and utilizing the Metro line that they’re building up.

Brian:    We started in Chinatown, went through little Tokyo. Oh, cross the river to Mariachi Plaza and then back into downtown and then over to the West side to MacArthur Park. And there’s a little bit of climbing. Um, the cool thing was being in a downtown area, we could always easily find shade, either by crossing the street or just turning the corner because of all those tall buildings.

Lupe:     And I was craving salt there for a awhile. So what do we do? We stopped at a 7-11, got a bag of chips, Gatorade.

Brian:    Some Lifewater and fueled up, which was good cause we had a little climb after that.

Lupe:     We were actually done by noon, before it got really hot.

Brian:    Yup. It was 90 degrees when we finished and we packed up and headed straight for the coast and then took the coast home, just to be in cooler weather.

Lupe:     I have to say though, it didn’t feel like 90 degrees. Would you agree?

Brian:    No, I don’t think it did either. You know, you’re kind of like riding in the shade for a while and then you’re riding in the sun for a while and then you, you know, so you kind of warm up but then you cool down, cause you’re in the shade again. So it was, it was a pleasant ride.

Lupe:     If you start in the morning, there’s not a lot of people. As the day progresses, people wake up, they start coming and it gets really crowded. So we got out just on time, I think.

Brian:    So, we want to encourage you to find those local type events because, A, they’re organized you’re around a lot of people. They’re typically well supported with, you know, water stops and bathrooms and things of that nature. And you can usually plan them in a manner in which you can give yourself an out, if need be.

Brian:    And we’ve talked about that with our hikes before. So from stop A to B, we could’ve gone straight back to our starting point and skipped leg C. Once we committed to leg C, you know, we committed to ride all of C and back to A, but plan it out. Find the route maps and you know, figure out what you want to do, what you think you can do, push yourself a little bit. But find those local events, whether it’s on or Facebook, or find the largest local municipality that you have and see what they’re doing. There’s typically fun walks and things all over the place all the time.

Lupe:     And you don’t have to go to an event. You could cross the street and go to the park, if you live near a park. You could just walk around the block, just try to do something.

Brian:    Do you remember when we went out for a bike ride? We were just going to ride down to the beach and back, but we really had no plan and we really didn’t have anything to do that day.

Lupe:     Is that what we ended up riding 70 miles?

Brian:    We did.

Lupe:     That was a while back.

Brian:    We got to the beach and we’re like, ah, let’s hang a right and go for a while. We got to the San Gabriel river and we’re like, ah, let’s head make a right and head back inland up the river bed. And we rode all the way up to Whittier and then we took a road from Whittier all the way back down into Orange County. And we would, oh, you know, we’re thirsty. We need water. Let’s, you know, jump on the phone and find a local liquor store, 7-11 and refill our water bottles, get Gatorade, grab a banana, get some food in us.

Lupe:     Fun times. Those were fun times. That was a while back.

Brian:    That was awhile back. However, you had Sjogren’s at the time.

Lupe:     Yes.

Brian:    Plan on self-supporting, if you’re just going to go out by yourself outside of any event.

Lupe:     I definitely missed that. Um, definitely we want to start hiking and cycling again.

Brian:    You know, I had a lot of fun on my bike. It made me miss cycling like we used to.

Lupe:     Yeah. So our point here is we don’t always feel 100%, but the more you move, the better you’re going to feel. It sounds counterproductive, like you’re wasting your spoons on walking and exercising and things that you don’t really need to be doing. But I promise you, you’re going to feel better.

Brian:    We took a page out of Susan Barajas’s book, from last episode, to where we wanted to hike on Saturday. We had CicLAvia on Sunday. Probably not wise to do both. So we didn’t hike on Saturday because the mountains will always be there. We can do that next weekend or in two weeks.

Brian:    CicLAvia is an event that happens every other month. It wouldn’t be back down in downtown LA for another year. So Saturday we took care of chores and things we typically do on Sunday and then we rested. And I crashed out Saturday afternoon and napped, went to bed, woke up feeling okay. And then we did this ride on Sunday. But after the ride it was pretty much chill time.

Lupe:     And Brian, cause we had talked about doing CicLAvia, but you know I woke up in the morning and was just feeling sluggish. And had Brian not said, okay come on, we’re going to do this. I probably would have opt out, but I’m glad. I’m glad that Brian pushes me a little bit.

Lupe:     If you have a buddy that pushes you a little bit, it’s great because you committed to them so you go out and do it, even though you don’t want to. And then at the end, you’re just so grateful that you did it.

Lupe:     And this morning, actually, I felt a little bit sluggish, also. It was really hard for me to get up, but once I got up and around, I felt awesome. I can’t wait to finish recording so I could go home and jump on the treadmill, for about half an hour.

Lupe:     I feel like I have more energy, but it all starts with fueling your body. Eating as clean as possible. For me, I’m not going to say I never have sugar. I do eat sugar, but not as much as I used to. I practically cut it out of my diet, except once in a while I’ll have Starbucks. Just eat as clean as you can.

Brian:    And when she’s saying clean, lots of fresh veg, a lot of roasted veg, steamed veg. Um, some meat, not a lot, but some and fresh fruits. We don’t need a lot of processed foods. If it comes in a box, we’re really not eating much of it.

Lupe:     It stops me from going, if I eat a lot of processed foods or a lot of junk food, chips, Doritos, Coke. That’s why I try to listen to my body because it shuts down. My body shuts down. If I start feeding it junk, something that’s not nutritious.

Brian:    She does love her hot chocolate from time to time,

Lupe:     Especially now that it’s getting cold.

Brian:    All right. Do you have anything else?

Lupe:     I just want to say, I know it’s hard sometimes and it’s easy for me to sit here and tell you guys to go out and exercise and eat clean, but it works, it really does. You’ll feel so much better.

Brian:    And it doesn’t have to be a walk or a hike or a bike ride. Just do some squats, some lunges, sit in the chair and just do some leg lifts, move your upper body. The whole point is to get that heart rate up a little bit and exercise.

Lupe:     Celebrate the small wins, whatever you can. Walk. Walk from the front door to the end of the hallway in your house. That’s something.

Brian:    Yeah. You don’t start off with a thousand steps work up to 2000 and continually work up until you’re achieving that 10,000 steps a day. For me, 10,000 is what, about 4 miles?

Lupe:     10,000 is quite a bit. Um, if I’m being honest, I haven’t reached 10,000 steps in a while. For me, in order to reach 10,000 steps, I have to walk about an hour, I’m going to say during lunch, for example.

Brian:    Yeah, but it can be a goal. If it’s not achievable right now, that’s fine. It doesn’t mean it’s not achievable though.

Lupe:     Maybe start with 3000 steps, 4,000 steps.

Brian:    So yeah, we hope you get up and do some moving. On the moving note, the LA Walk for Sjogren’s is coming up quick, about two weeks out and Team Living, Sjogren’s Strong, need your help. We are definitely shy, our goal and with only two weeks left, we could definitely use any and every donation possible.

Brian:    So if you would, in the show notes of this show is a link it’s going to read, please help Team Living Sjogren’s Strong and the foundation. The money is being donated on a web page built by the Sjogren’s Foundation. The money is going directly to them and it’s to support all of the good work that they do.

Brian:    If you’re listening to this in your car, we will have a link pinned to the top of our wall in the group and the Facebook page. So please find us on Facebook and do what you can. Every dollar helps and $1 is better than nothing. So if you could find it in your heart, please help Team Living Sjogren’s Strong and the Sjogren’s Syndrome Foundation and donate to the LA Area Walk.

Lupe:     And we’d love to see you there if you’re local, if you’re in LA, Orange County, just the surrounding area, we’d love for you to come and walk with us.

Brian:    If you’re not up for the walk, come on out, check out the vendor booths, hangout. There’s going to be music. There’s going to be vendor areas. There’s going to be activities for the kids. It’s a family fun event. It is a ceremonial walk, there at LA Mirada Park. But, uh, we’d love to see you there and make sure you come up and say hi and introduce yourself. If you don’t know us, if you’d know us, say hi .

Lupe:     And we’ll be wearing our Sjogren’s Strong t-shirts. So you could identify as that way.

New Speaker:    Until next time, sip constantly and stay hydrated.


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