8 Steps to Get Motivated to Accomplish Your Goals

So, we suck! January 1st came, we set goals and outlined what we wanted to accomplish and, well, then, We Didn’t

So, we suck! January 1st came, we set goals and outlined what we wanted to accomplish and, well, then, We Didn’t
What are we doing about that failure is being shared on this episode of Sjogren’s Strong.

Lupe & Brian: [00:00:00] Welcome to another episode of Sjogren’s Strong.
Brian: [00:00:04] This is Brian.
Lupe: [00:00:05] And this is Lupe.
Brian: [00:00:06] And this is your bi-monthly podcast. Wow! I didn’t even think about that. Discussing how to live an active and healthy lifestyle despite your diagnosis with Sjogren’s.

Lupe: [00:00:18] You know what? My chronic cough is coming back, so my apologies. I’m going to sound rough. But I want to say I missed you guys last week. I really do.
Brian: [00:00:29] Yeah. It’s kind of weird doing a show every other week.
Lupe: [00:00:32] Yeah.
Brian: [00:00:32] We hope you miss us. If you do, let us know.
Lupe: [00:00:36] Yeah.

Brian: [00:00:38] So today we’re going to talk about eight steps to get motivated, to accomplish those goals we set back on January 1, mainly because we did set goals.
Lupe: [00:00:49] And what have we done with them?
Brian: [00:00:50] Uh, kind of.nothing.
Lupe: [00:00:52] Nothing.

Brian: [00:00:54] Yeah. We’ve fallen flat the last two weeks, three weeks here, three weeks.
Lupe: [00:00:59] We’ve been doing pretty bad. So we thought this would be a good episode.
Brian: [00:01:04] We’ve only got 49 weeks left to accomplish the goals we set out to do.
Lupe: [00:01:08] We better get on it. Cause you know why? It goes by fast.
Brian: [00:01:11] We’re not feeling motivated. I’m sure some of you are in the same boat. So we wanted to go over eight things that we’re doing to help us get motivated, stay motivated, and accomplish those goals we set out for ourselves, but.
Lupe: [00:01:26] But we’re not doing a good job because you’re not motivated. I’m not motivated. I don’t keep you accountable. You don’t keep me accountable.
Brian: [00:01:33] We’re both kind of failing.
Lupe: [00:01:35] And we bought a big old box of chocolate donuts. And we ate them all in one sitting.
Brian: [00:01:41] Who ate all the Entenmanns?
Lupe: [00:01:45] Anyways.

Brian: [00:01:46] So, before we get into it, Lupe has an update.


Lupe: [00:01:49] I want to tell you guys about my implant. I went to the dentist, let’s see, today’s Monday when we’re recording, I want you to dentists last week on Thursday. And I walked in, this time, I wasn’t nervous because I knew he was just going to check it. Right?
But, uh, he said, open your mouth. Just a funny joke, takes me back. That sounded bad. Just a funny joke from Dr. Ryba, is what it is.

He checked how I was healing and he said, I’m healing very well. And he also said that I have great oral hygien. And every time the dentist tells me that, big ol’ smile on my face. Because I always worry about it, right. With Sjogren’s dry mouth.

Brian: [00:02:34] She’s the freak.

Lupe: [00:02:36] So, um, I’m doing good. Um, I go back in two months so they could take the impression of my teeth. And then two weeks after that they’ll put the permanent …

Brian: [00:02:50] Tooth.

Lupe: [00:02:51] Implant, tooth, however you call it. So I’m excited about it.

Brian: [00:02:55] She came home from the dentist with five little gold stars on her chest.
Lupe: [00:02:59] And one on my forehead. And when I was done, I just bolted out of there because I needed to make a payment. Right? Cause I think they put me out like on a four month payment plan and I’m like, bolt, I didn’t want to pay it. So I left, but they’ll get me next time.

Brian: [00:03:15] Are you serious?

Lupe: [00:03:21] They’re like, okay, we’re going to put you on a two month payment plan. And I’m like, two months? I go, can I have three, maybe four? Yeah, sure. No problem. They didn’t ask. I didn’t offer. So anyways.

Brian: [00:03:33] Check you out.

Lupe: [00:03:34] I will pay it when they ask. I mean, they didn’t.
Brian: [00:03:38] It is what it is at this point.
Lupe: [00:03:40] Don’t say anything. Okay, guys.

Brian: [00:03:44] Her dentist is doc. No, I’m kidding.
Lupe: [00:03:45] So, I’m excited.

Brian: [00:03:47] Yeah. And that was awesome news. We were worried about how she was going to heal and whether her body was going to reject this or keep it, and everything’s looking spot on.
Lupe: [00:03:57] Because, um, once upon a time we did talk about, um, a piercing in my ear, that my body rejected. So that’s why I was kinda nervous about it. Um, but everything’s awesome and I’m excited.
Brian: [00:04:11] Which is way cool.

Onto today’s topic, 8 steps to get motivated to accomplish your goals.
Lupe: [00:04:20] Or keep your new year’s resolution, however you want to call it.
Brian: [00:04:22] Goal, resolution.
Lupe: [00:04:24] Yeah.
Brian: [00:04:25] Whatever it is.

So number one, start small, with measurable goals and write them down.
I’ll say it again. I’ve said it before. A goal not written down is a dream.

Lupe: [00:04:42] You know what I’ve done with that little pink journal that I bought?
Brian: [00:04:45] Drew pictures of your…

Lupe: [00:04:47] I’m dropping the mic, poof, nothing. It’s still in my purse. I haven’t even opened it.
Brian: [00:04:53] You got to write them down, girl.
Lupe: [00:04:54] Terrible. I’ve been terrible.
Brian: [00:04:56] Are you going to write them down tonight?
Lupe: [00:04:58] Yes,right now. Actually, I went to my purse to grab it and it’s not in there, which means I took it out and put it in my car.
Brian: [00:05:04] So she’ll be writing them down tonight.
Lupe: [00:05:07] Yup. Got to get on it.

Brian: [00:05:09] Now that these goals are written down, we need to examine what’s motivating us to accomplish that goal. So we’re going to refer to a goal that Lupe set for herself, and I’m so eagerly joining her to accomplish this year. And that is to run, walk a half marathon. Referring to that running, walking a half marathon. What is your main motivation for wanting to do it?

Lupe: [00:05:39] I’ve always wanted to complete a half marathon, so that’s it. And.
Brian: [00:05:46] She wants to buy the 12.3 sticker at REI and put on her car.
Lupe: [00:05:50] Well, bragging rights? Right?
Brian: [00:05:51] Of course. Is a 12.3?
Lupe: [00:05:53] No, it’s 13.1.
Brian: [00:05:55] 13.1?
Lupe: [00:05:57] See, we didn’t do our homework cause we don’t even know.
Brian: [00:05:59] But we’re going to do it.
Lupe: [00:06:00] I believe it’s 13.1. Um, but, uh, my main goal is because I’ve always wanted to complete it. And that’s number one. And number two?

Brian: [00:06:10] I think she’s using it as a motivator. To work out and get back in better physical shape.
Lupe: [00:06:18] Okay. So sometimes I’m really motivated and sometimes, like lately, not so much. Um, but if I have an event to work towards.
Brian: [00:06:30] Train for?
Lupe: [00:06:31] Yeah. If I haven’t even been to train for, then I will. But if I don’t, you know, you get kind of lazy.

Brian: [00:06:38] That’s what’s exciting us. Or motivating us to accomplish that goal. So number three, really, really want it..You’ve got to want it more than you want that box of chocolate Entammen’s.
Lupe: [00:06:55] Well, over the weekend I wanted the chocolate,the box of chocolate Entammen’s more so, but, but, but you know what, it’s just your body craving it, I think because we’re eating crappy, right?
Brian: [00:07:10] I don’t think we’ve been eating all that crappy.
Lupe: [00:07:14] No. Today I had veggies and I added chicken and it was really yummy.
Brian: [00:07:20] I was able to dust off the rotisserie oven and actually cooked some chicken last night for her.
Lupe: [00:07:25] And it was really good and I don’t know because I haven’t had it in awhile or my body’s been craving protein or what, but it was so delicious.
Brian: [00:07:34] We just need to think of that instead of, do I want this Snickers Bar. Or do I want to accomplish a half marathon? Every time we go to do something that is a poor decision, we’re going to ask ourselves that question. Do I want this more than I want to accomplish a half marathon?
Lupe: [00:07:52] Because you know what? Even if you exercise all day every day, not all day, but it’s 80% diet, right? So you’re not going to feel better and you’re not going to look better in your clothes if you don’t eat property.

Brian: [00:08:06] Right. Right. Next is, commit publicly. And again, we are sitting here letting you all know. And we want you to apply that peer pressure, help hold ourselves accountable to accomplishing these goals. And if you’ve set goals, share them in the Facebook group, we’ll help you stay accountable to accomplish those goals as well.
Lupe: [00:08:32] Uh, you know what’s going to help me a little bit? A coworker that I have, today’s going to be her first day at the gym and she’s signed up for some eight week course to lose weight and lose fat, gain muscle. And I’m holding her accountable. So iturn, she’s doing the same to me. Even though I’m not in that program, but still, that helps a little bit.
Brian: [00:08:55] It does. It does. You don’t want to let your friends down.
Lupe: [00:08:58] Yeah.
Brian: [00:08:58] It’s easier to go, Oh, that chocolate donut looks good. My friends aren’t gonna know and eat it. But if you’ve professed what you want to accomplish publicly to your friends, that’s going to be in the back of your mind. You know? You don’t want to confess to having bought that box of intimates like we did.
Lupe: [00:09:17] You know what? What I told her was.it’s okay if you don’t want to write it down on your journal, that you ate a donut or a cookie or whatever, cause you know why? Because your body is keeping track of it.
Brian: [00:09:29] That’s right.

Lupe: [00:09:29] Next thing you know, you’re going to have a big old badoncadontk
Brian: [00:09:34] A badonkadonk?
Number five, get excited. You know, envision yourself crossing that finish line. Envision yourself getting that accomplishment metal to put around your neck, that mylar blanket handed to you.
Lupe: [00:09:50] You know what? I was going through some old pictures over the weekend and I found the one where you and I completed our first century, on our bike and it was just amazing. I want to have that feeling again.
Brian: [00:10:01] Yeah, there was a cool day
Lupe: [00:10:03] So you know what? I’m going to find it again and post it, cause that’s a cool pic.
Brian: [00:10:07] And you still have all your metals from the race.
Lupe: [00:10:09] I have all my metals.
Brian: [00:10:11] And your mud runs. You’ve done a few mud runs. I have mud runs
Lupe: [00:10:14] Um, my metals from the centuries, all the metals that I’ve earned, I have.
Brian: [00:10:18] You know what, we’ll take pictures of those and post them over the next couple of weeks on Instagram or something,facebook and share. Because that there is motivation in and of itself.
And a great segue for number six, a vision board.
Lupe: [00:10:35] You know what? I have backpacks for everything, for walking, running for different color outfits. I gotta use them.

Brian: [00:10:44] Number six, a vision board. You know, I’ve printed pictures of something that motivates me that I want to work towards achieving. And you have them in front of you because that way when you’re like, Oh, I need a break, and you see it, you’re like, you’re less likely to take that break because that picture is they’re reminding you of why you’re doing what it is you’re doing.
So, maybe we can pull some pictures down off the fridge and put pictures of marathon runners or a finish line or something. That way, every time we’re opening the fridge. It’s that reminders right there in our face.
Lupe: [00:11:22] But it’s my little nieces and nephews from when they were two to now that they’re 30.
Brian: [00:11:26] Yeah, they were cute back then, now they have attititude.
Lupe: [00:11:29] Yeah, I know the fridge is kinda messy. Oh, you know what? Also, if it helps you had that little black dress that you’ve been wanting to fit in.
Hangit! Hang it in your room. Also, you know what? We used to watch the Biggest Loser.
Brian: [00:11:45] I missed that show.
Lupe: [00:11:46] That was really good motivation because I don’t remember the name, I think it was probably the last ,one of the last seasons that we watched. But, uh, it was a girl. She was a little bit overweight, and she won, and she just looks really good. And I actually have her picture on the door under a bunch of stuff.
Brian: [00:12:05] Yeah. And that’s a great example of a vision board. And posting pictures of that and the metals you’ve accomplished on social, so they pop up is going to, you know, rekindle that feeling you had when you were awarded that and motivate us through these hard times, you know?
Lupe: [00:12:24] I love it.
Brian: [00:12:25] So the vision board, print some pictures, post them up, in a place you can see them regularly.
Lupe: [00:12:31] Especially on the fridge, right.? So when you open it, you’re like, um, looking for junk. Nope.
Brian: [00:12:37] That’s right.
Lupe: [00:12:38] Close the door.

Brian: [00:12:39] So number seven, stay accountable. You know, writing your goals down in a book and why you want to accomplish them and closing that book and putting it on the shelf, or letting it get slowly moved to the bottom of the pile, does you no good.
So you need to open this book, if not daily, every other day, weekly, but read your goals, read why you want to accomplish those goals, and it’s going to help you stay motivated. It’s going to help you hold yourself accountable.
Lupe: [00:13:12] I believe it.
Brian: [00:13:13] And that’s all the comments she has. Cause her journal is at the bottom of the pile.
Lupe: [00:13:16] I was gonna say, don’t do like me. No it’s not. It wasn’t my purse. I took it off this morning cause it was heavy to take it upstairs. And um, I just exactly what I was thinking. I’m just carrying this around for weight cause I haven’t read one thing in it.
Brian: [00:13:29] And you know what? You don’t have to use a paper book, open up notes on your phone. Evernote is free. One note, Google sticky notes. Um. There’s tons of things you can do to write down your goals and have them in your face. But that’s where they need to be.
Lupe: [00:13:48] In your face.

Brian: [00:13:49] Number eight, total submersion. If running a half marathon is what we want to accomplish, we need to start finding articles, reading articles, subscribe to runner’s magazine, if that’s still around, but let’s start learning.
We might learn some cool training tips. We might learn some things to look out for. If you feel this pain, you need to do this or this is wrong. Um, but diving into it at that level and reading something about what it is you want to accomplish is going to help not only educate you, but keep you motivated and keep the thought of running that half marathon fresh in your head.
Lupe: [00:14:31] And maybe split it into smaller pieces right. Like instead of saying, Oh, I’ll half marathon, just say I’m going to do a quarter mile. I’m going to do half a mile today.
Brian: [00:14:41] Yup, for training. That’s definitely starting small. Small, measurable steps. Because I don’t think, I’m sure I could put on shoes and go run three miles right now, but. The pain isn’t going to be worth it, and I’m more likely to injure myself. I need to start by running a quarter mile, walking quarter, run a quarter, walk a quarter. And gradually build up to where I can run halfs, walk halfs, run halfs, so on and so forth.
Lupe: [00:15:10] Yeah. So we’re going to have each other so we can do it together and it could be at the same level.
Brian: [00:15:15] For sure.
Lupe: [00:15:17] Mmmmhmm.

Brian: [00:15:18] Wrapping up. We hope that we are alone. We hope that everybody out there listening to this is sticking to their goals. Isn’t deviating from the plan.Is doing better than we are at accomplishing the goals that they may have set for themselves. If you’re not though, you’re not alone.
Lupe: [00:15:36] You know what TJ Max does? They move all the exercise equipment to the front of the store because why? Because everybody has the same goals. Get it, right?
Brian: [00:15:44] Merchandising 101.
Lupe: [00:15:46] I mean, I buy the clothes, but haven’t used it.
Brian: [00:15:50] She bought a journal.
Lupe: [00:15:52] So,I need to get on it.
Brian: [00:15:54] And we will. And you know what? It’s okay to fail from time to time. It’s what you do with that failure, you know? And everyone’s heard it before.
You know, we’ve set goals, we’ve fallen short, we’re calling ourselves out on it, and we’re just going to have to work a little harder now to play catch up so we can accomplish those goals.
Lupe: [00:16:13] How badly do you want it and do you want to feel good or not?

Brian: [00:16:19] Exactly. And we do, and we will.

Lupe: [00:16:22] Until next time, sip constantly and stay hydrated.


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