2020 LA “Virtual” Walk for Sjogren’s

A Virtual Walk? That’s right and we want you to walk with us!
This year due to Covid-19 the LA Area Walk for Sjogren’s is Virtual.

A Virtual Walk? That’s right and we want you to walk with us!
This year due to Covid-19 the LA Area Walk for Sjogren’s is Virtual.
Listen to this episode and learn about it and how you can walk with us regardless of your location.

Lupe & Brian: [00:00:00] Welcome to another episode of Sjogren’s  Strong .

[00:00:03] Brian: [00:00:03] This is Brian,

[00:00:04]Lupe: [00:00:04] And this is Lupe.

[00:00:04] Brian: [00:00:04] And this is your podcast discussing how to live an active, healthy lifestyle, despite a diagnosis of Sjogren’s.

[00:00:11] Lupe: [00:00:11] And like Brian says, before we get into the meat and potatoes of today’s show.

[00:00:16] Brian: [00:00:16] Potatoes.

[00:00:18] Lupe: [00:00:18] He’s hungry because it’s like 6:15 over here.

[00:00:21] Brian: [00:00:21] It’s dinner time.

[00:00:23]Lupe: [00:00:23] Jinx, you owe me a Coke.

[00:00:25] Brian: [00:00:25] Dammit.

[00:00:26] Lupe: [00:00:26] I wanted to give you guys an update on how I’m feeling. Um, this is my third week working from home and I have been making the most of it. And I get up early in the morning and I walk for a couple of miles, across the street. We live right across the street from a park. And during my breaks and my lunches. And sometimes even after I clock out, I’ve been walking.

[00:00:48] Brian: [00:00:48] She’s been crushing it.

[00:00:51] Lupe: [00:00:51] Whew. I’ve been walking about between, I don’t know, 6-10 miles a day.

[00:00:56] Brian: [00:00:56] Been crushing it.

[00:00:58] Lupe: [00:00:58] The most did,  I think was 11 and I was like yay. The reason why I’m telling you guys this. I mean, I know a lot of it can’t walk that much, right. Uh, whatever you can do. But I been feeling so good, since I’ve been walking. My energy levels have increased. Um, my inflammation has gone down significantly.

[00:01:23] Brian: [00:01:23] I think part of that though is because, like we said before, we kind of got off our diet and started eating crap, but we’ve cleaned it up the last couple of weeks, we’ve been eating pretty clean.

[00:01:35] Lupe: [00:01:35] I bet flattening the curve on my belly. Whoo!! Is going down. Cause you know what, also my brother’s getting married and I’m like, what is that.

[00:01:46] Brian: [00:01:46] She’s so vain.

[00:01:48] Lupe: [00:01:48] That’s probably why I started walking, who knows. But whatever reason I started walking, I feel great.

[00:01:54] Brian: [00:01:54] Yeah. And you can actually tell in her face that she’s lost a pound or two.

[00:02:00] Lupe: [00:02:00] Or 4.

[00:02:02] Brian: [00:02:02] The crazy thing is, she’s got all this energy to walk, but still no energy to clean up a pile,

[00:02:08] Lupe: [00:02:08] Man. I’m selective with my energy, shoot.

[00:02:12]Brian: [00:02:12] Using those spoons wisely.

[00:02:14]Lupe: [00:02:14] And my sausage fingers are going down a little bit. So, my inflammation is going down a lot. I don’t know if it’s the walk or what, but

[00:02:22] Brian: [00:02:22] Sweating it out.

[00:02:23] Lupe: [00:02:23] No, not really. I don’t really sweat, but, um, anyways. However, I do feel a flare coming on and it’s making me a little bit grumpy. But that’s not how I know my, my joints. Um, they’re starting to ache a little bit.

[00:02:43] Brian: [00:02:43] You know what though? I noticed that there is no bottled.

[00:02:48] Lupe: [00:02:48] In your face!

[00:02:49] Brian: [00:02:49] It was hiding.

[00:02:50] Lupe: [00:02:50] Oooh! In his face.

[00:02:51] Brian: [00:02:51] It was hiding.

[00:02:53]Lupe: [00:02:53] I don’t know what it is, but it’s coming on and I feel it on my elbows and my knees. They’re just sore. I need to have them stretched out. And I’m a little bit grumpy today. So sorry, Brian. I know I’m taking it out on you. But chop, chop. That’s a quick, update on me.

[00:03:11]Brian: [00:03:11] Um, as for me, I started Spanish lessons.

[00:03:16] Lupe: [00:03:16] Oooh, that’s right! You did.

[00:03:18] Brian: [00:03:18] Yeah. Yeah.

[00:03:20]Lupe: [00:03:20] And he’s doing pretty good. And yesterday I was kind of doing it with him and he got mad at me. He’s like, I’m not having fun anymore. You’re a fun sucker.

[00:03:28] Brian: [00:03:28] She’s not a good teacher because she’s all yelling at me in Spanish. I’m like, I don’t even know what you mean.

[00:03:34] Lupe: [00:03:34] I’m like, I wasn’t even yelling, I was just reading the sentence.

[00:03:36] Brian: [00:03:36] See, she’s not a good teacher.

[00:03:38] Lupe: [00:03:38] Whatever!

[00:03:39] Brian: [00:03:39] I need that positive reinforcement.

[00:03:41] Lupe: [00:03:41] You’re not a good student.

[00:03:42] Brian: [00:03:42] I’m a horrible student.

[00:03:43] Lupe: [00:03:43] You weren’t reading the instructions. You just wanted to start clicking. Oh, this is a right answer. Zonk!

[00:03:50] Brian: [00:03:50] Yeah. So, uh, maybe one day this podcast will come to you in Spanish.

[00:03:54] Lupe: [00:03:54] Puede ser que si. Good job though. You’re doing that.

[00:03:59] Brian: [00:03:59] We have some exciting news coming up and it’s different because life is different for everybody, right now, with this VID19 that we’re living through.

[00:04:11] The Los Angeles Area Walk for Sjogren’s is right around the corner. And we want you to walk with us.

[00:04:21] Lupe: [00:04:21] Yes, we sure do. And this year it’s going to be a virtual walk.

[00:04:25]Brian: [00:04:25] With Coronavirus being is what it is, uh, the foundation does not want to bring people together in such close proximity, as we usually are at the walks. This will be our third year, and this’ll be our first virtual. They’ve been doing these virtual walks. So, if you’re a member of the foundation and, or pay attention to what’s going on in the foundation, you might have seen these, but we want all of you to walk with us.

[00:04:49] Lupe: [00:04:49] So the way of virtual walk is at 10:00 AM, they’re going to start the opening ceremony.

[00:04:57] Brian: [00:04:57] That opening ceremony is going to consist of some announcements. We’re going to do ask the doctor and there will be door prizes.

[00:05:07] Lupe: [00:05:07] I hope I went into a price. The virtual step off is happening at 10:45AM and we are stepping off from the Huntington Beach pier, at the water line. Not jumping off. Okay. Feet in the water in Pacific Ocean.

[00:05:24] Brian: [00:05:24] Yeah. So, if you would like to walk with us, join us Huntington Beach pier on the sand at the pier. We’re going to be walking along the Pacific Ocean shoreline.

[00:05:35] Lupe: [00:05:35] If you’re local to LA, Orange County, San Diego, wherever, you know, we want to walk with you. So, join us if you can.

[00:05:44] Brian: [00:05:44] Right. And when we’re done at the beach, we’re going to dry our feet off.

[00:05:48] Lupe: [00:05:48] Go get a quick snack. And then we are going to drive to Carbon Canyon, Regional Park to walk among redwoods.

[00:05:59] Brian: [00:05:59] Redwoods  in Orange County.

[00:06:01] Lupe: [00:06:01] You didn’t think they weren’t always counting, huh,  but they are.

[00:06:03]Brian: [00:06:03] But there’s a grove of redwoods. And that walk is going to start at?

[00:06:08] Lupe: [00:06:08] 2:00 PM.

[00:06:08] Brian: [00:06:08] 2:00 PM. So, if you’re on the East coast and you want to join us virtually, we’re going to be streaming our walk live on Facebook. We’re going to be hash tagging foundation. We’re obviously going to be hashtag and Sjogren’s Strong. If you can’t join us, say you live in Dell Rapids, South Dakota, you can grab your phone, join us virtually on Facebook for this virtual walk.

[00:06:35] So we’ll hold it up and we can talk and interact and do as much socializing as we can. While we do these walks and kind of, you know, just share in this experience together.

[00:06:47] Lupe: [00:06:47] It’ll be fun because wherever you are joining us., join us.

[00:06:53] Brian: [00:06:53] Join us. That’s the cool thing. Now, if you’re going to do that, we do ask that you hit the Team Sjogren’s Strong link in the show notes below and officially joined the walk.

[00:07:06] If you donate and or raise $40 by September 23rd, you will get a walk for Sjogren’s tee shirt. Okay. And monies that you raise being part of the Sjogren’s Strong Team, obviously all goes to the foundation. None of it’s coming to, or through us. We are doing this to help support the foundation. And if you don’t want to walk with us along the beach, you can join us through the redwoods.

[00:07:35] It’s about a mile back to the redwoods. And then the redwoods are just maybe a thousand yards if that.

[00:07:43] Lupe: [00:07:43] If that?

[00:07:43] Brian: [00:07:43] And then a mile back, the whole walk is pretty close to just over two miles.

[00:07:48] Lupe: [00:07:48] And It’s flat. It’s not Rocky. It’s not Hilly. It’s just a dirt road. And once we go into the redwoods, the temperature drops about 30 degrees. Amazing.

[00:08:02] Brian: [00:08:02] It’s totally amazing back there. So, we want you to walk with us. Now, if you don’t have the means to join officially, join us on Facebook, walk with us, let us know that you’re supporting us. However, if you can join officially, then those funds are obviously again, going to go to the foundation, uh, that does so much good for us.

[00:08:28] The work that they do is just immeasurable. For everybody with Sjogren’s and it’s at the point to where they’ve got an international impact now, when it comes to treating and research and drug trials. So, if you can, that would be awesome. If you are unable to join us, if you are unable to walk, then you can donate to team Sjogren’s Strong or donate to anybody that’s a member of team Sjogren’s Strong and to help them.

[00:08:59] Lupe: [00:08:59] Watch us from your couch, cast Facebook on, your TV.

[00:09:03] Brian: [00:09:03] If you have a smart TV or a cast device.

[00:09:05]Lupe: [00:09:05] And we can walk that way, it’d be cool.

[00:09:07] And you can still hang out with us while  we get our little walk on.?

[00:09:10] Yeah. I mean, what, what are we going to walk like half a mile oi that?

[00:09:14] Brian: [00:09:14] Yeah.

[00:09:14] Lupe: [00:09:14] Maybe?

[00:09:15] Brian: [00:09:15] Yeah. I mean, the beach is, if you’re uneasy about walking a couple miles from the Redwood, join us at the beach because you can bail out anytime. And you know, the toughest part of it is going to be walking from the bike trail to the harder compacted sand where it’s wet.

[00:09:34] Lupe: [00:09:34] It should be fun. I’m looking forward to it.

[00:09:35]Brian: [00:09:35] Going to be a good time. It’s going to be October. It’s going to be a little cool. Hopefully, we’ll have a nice thick marine layer and keep the sun away from us. But, uh, you know, we might be in shorts and a hoodie.

[00:09:44] Lupe: [00:09:44] Ha!  Might be, yes, yes.

[00:09:46]Brian: [00:09:46] We don’t know what the weather’s going to be. But that’s, what’s coming up and we really hope that you will join us. If you can’t, we really hope that you will support us in supporting the foundation. And we’re excited.

[00:09:59] Lupe: [00:09:59] Let’s do this.

[00:10:00] Brian: [00:10:00] This is number three. Three years in a row.

[00:10:02] Lupe: [00:10:02] This is number 3. And you know what, every year it gets bigger and bigger and bigger. S

[00:10:06] Brian: [00:10:06] Yeah.

[00:10:06]Lupe: [00:10:06] So this year, because it’s virtual, hopefully it’s huge.

[00:10:11] Brian: [00:10:11] Yeah. And that’s the cool thing. If you live in Delaware, if you live in Texas, if you live in New York, New Jersey, Canada. Join us. Walk with us. If you just go out and you do laps around your car, or you’re walking your front yard, if that’s all you got, bring it and walk with us.

[00:10:30] Lupe: [00:10:30] Yeah. If you guys are walking somewhere and you want us to join you Sjogren’s Strong, hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, wherever, and we will walk with you. We can do a FaceTime or, you know, whatever. I think it’ll be fun.

[00:10:44]Brian: [00:10:44] That it will be. So, we’re looking forward to this. We hope you join us.

[00:10:47] And before we sign off, we want to remind you that Lubricity is supporting this show. And if you’re unfamiliar with Lubricity, it is a moisturizing spray, providing comfort and relief from dry mouth symptoms.

[00:11:02] Lubricity works differently from other solutions, forming a flavorless gel film that coats the mouth and penetrates oral tissue. This gel film provides lasting relief from even the most persistent dry mouth symptoms. With the effects lasting up to four hours, Lubricity provides significant improvements in the quality of life for those suffering from dry mouth.

[00:11:25] There’s a link to Lubricity below, use the coupon code SS30 and save 30% on your order from them. Thanks for joining us for another episode of Sjogren’s Strong.

[00:11:36]Lupe: [00:11:36] And until next time, sip constantly and stay hydrated.

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